Mobile Home Cash Flow Beginner Course

Mobile Home Cash Flow Beginner Course

Learn the basics of investing in mobile homes for cash flow | taught by John Fedro
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John  Fedro
John Fedro

About the Instructor

John Fedro has been investing in manufactured housing since 2002. John now spends his time continuing to build his cash-flow business in multiple states while helping others enjoy the same freedom he has achieved.

A Letter From Your Mentor, John Fedro:

In 2002 I was a mobile-phone salesman. A man came into my office and wanted a phone and new plan. I learned that he was an active real estate investor, and asked him if there was any way I could shadow him or become his apprentice.

He rolled his eyes and wrote me off as just another young kid that would waste his time. He could not have been more wrong. His attitude didn't crush my spirits. In fact, it made me determined to succeed. That conversation ignited a deep-burning desire to leave my job and create a significant passive income through real estate investing.

** Story about failing in traditional real estate

I knew having a mentor was could increase my chances of success and limit expensive mistakes. And after doing hundreds of deals and learning some tough lessons, I've made it my mission to help my students succeed.

I want to help you become a self-sufficient, confident, expert mobile home investor. But that will only happen if you're willing to commit to take consistent action.

Successful mobile home investing takes daily effort, a little bit of capital, some free time, and a boat-load of determination. My goal is to help you create a long-term, sustainable passive income stream through investing in mobile homes.

This free course will set you up on the path to creating income and building wealth with an overlooked part of the real estate market.

Your mentor,


Testimonials From Students

"You have done an outstanding job with the information you are presenting throughout the modules. Looks like you have covered all bases. I especially like the example calls you have provided. Those are very helpful. I can see as I skimmed ahead that there is a lot more information to absorb."

-Robyn Gallant
"Mobile Home Formula is clear and simple to use, and your advice was invaluable. Your caring for your students and passion for your program is unparalleled with al the real estate courses we have seen. Words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for you!"

-Terri Nakamura
"I purchased John Fedro’s program in 2011. And I would recommend John and his program, to anybody that is looking into getting into investing. John does what he say’s he will do.  anytime I have called him with questions or needed help or advice. He has always been there and willing to do what ever he can to help.  Thank you"

-Eddie Durazo